We provide fast and reliable property maintenance service to our customers throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our services are available on 24/7. As property maintenance and repair specialists, we are dedicated to provide the top quality customer service and excellent value for money. The process begins with understanding the need, setting an action plan, getting it approved, execute the work as per the agreed timelines and finally perform a check and ensure that the objective is met in the most efficient and effective manners. We provide and procure materials according to company needs (paint, iron, aluminum, stainless steel material), provide workers / builders both for wholesale work systems and in Daily, Monthly and Yearly basis – assuring this service with quality, expertise and satisfaction guarantee.
We provide experience and qualified worker for the construction works. Workers are one of the important men in construction. We provide different categories of worker they can install tiles, bricks and other cement-based materials. They also work with heavy duty equipment and often are assigned to do the heavy tasks.

We provide

  • Mason (Tiles & Block)
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Electricians (certified & uncertified)
  • General Labors / Helpers
  • Skilled / Unskilled Labors